Best Friends For Life

Marriage Coaching by Malka Klaver

Change your marriage today. Change your life forever.

Marriage is one of the greatest gifts Hashem gave us. Friendship. Love. Connection.
But it’s hard. It doesn’t just happen.

Don’t do it alone.

I’m Malka Klaver, certified marriage coach and I educate and empower frum women to create
close & connected marriages. I encourage open and honest dialogue, facilitating personal growth,
self-discovery and more emotional connection in your marriage. It's a journey you don't want to miss.
Come along for the ride. You’ll be so happy you did!

Best Friends for Life focuses on getting underneath the normal challenges and obstacles to having a close and connected marriage. And - even more importantly - you will get the support and validation you need to not feel alone navigating your normal ups and downs in marriage.

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I offer one-on-one coaching to provide support and create an individualized plan for women to create a secure, loving marriage.

Speaking Engagements

I would love to come speak to the women in your community and inspire and educate them on how to create more connection and harmony in their marriage.


The workshops combine Torah wisdom, psychologically-proven principles and practical tools to transform your marriage.


Tune in to my podcast "Best Friends for Life" to learn more about how to create a close and connected marriage. Click here to begin listening!


These are some of the things people are saying about Malka:

"Malka has a tremendous breadth of knowledge about marriage and relationships.  Her realistic, easy-to-implement ideas will help you better understand your marriage and develop a genuine, meaningful friendship with your spouse."

“Malka is engaging, dynamic, and clearly gives over such important marriage advice that is life-changing.”

"After speaking to Malka, I learned and understood so much more about the meaning of marriage and relationships! When Malka speaks to you, there is so much passion, knowledge and care. She has so much to offer, and her help and advice can last you a lifetime."

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