About Me

Hi! My name is Malka.


I got married after almost ten years of dating. I was ecstatic and grateful to have finally found my husband.

Marriage was even better than I could have imagined - but it was also harder than I ever could have anticipated.

Marriage, I learned, forces you to face your fears, insecurities, character and commitment to growth head-on. While single, I’d read numerous books on marriage to prepare. I continued reading and working on making my new marriage the dream marriage I had always wanted. In my research, I found concepts and strategies that really resonated and worked.

These ideas and tools helped transform my marriage - and continue to do so today.

I was surprised, however, by the lack of support and open conversation about the normal challenges couples have. I was also saddened to hear other married ladies share that they were feeling alone, overwhelmed and even complacent about certain struggles.

This ignited a passion in me to help others discover those same tools that did wonders for my marriage. I trained to become a marriage coach and learned how to help others develop and maintain a loving and connected relationship. My goal is to spread the knowledge I've gained from my training, personal research and journey to help as many women as I can have a fulfilling, happy and connected marriage.

Sometimes the greatest gifts Hashem gives us are right in front of our eyes, but we have to put in the work to unleash its power and potential.

I believe marriage is one of those gifts. It’s a relationship that makes everything sweeter, more fulfilling and happier - but only if you nurture it properly.

Reach out today to begin your journey - I guarantee it will be worth your investment. If you have any questions, I would love to hear from you. I hope we get to chat and I can guide you in making your marriage more amazing!

- Malka